“A New Kind of Fascism….Indeed.”

As a follow up to my “fascism” post — I was directed by to this scathing commentary by Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. (Transcript and video at the linked site.)

Watch the video if you can. Read the transcript if you can’t watch. Powerful stuff.

Shame that it was shunted off onto a cable station that almost nobody watches. That needs to be aired on broadcast TV, during Prime Time.

EDIT: As has been pointed out to me in the comments, if you feel strongly about this, send an email of thanks to the following addresses:

1. viewerservices@msnbc.com
2. letters@msnbc.com
3. countdown@msnbc.com
4. KOlbermann@msnbc.com
5. dabrams@msnbc.com

You can be sure that the right-wing nutjobs have been registering their complaints.

6 Replies to ““A New Kind of Fascism….Indeed.””

  1. Caught this last night. Where Stewart and Colbert give us our medicine with a dose of sweet comic relief, Olbermann shows us we can take it straight, too.

  2. In case you haven’t heard, it seems that while Olbermann has risen about 14 points in the ratings, his old pal O’Reily had dropped about 15 points…and Fux News as a whole has slipped several points, too.

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