Discordians 0wnzz0rz Teh 50lar 5y5t3m!

The planet (originally code-named “Xena”) that recently caused a shit-ton of academic chaos and resulted in Pluto’s demotion now has an official name:


The Paratheo-Anametamystikhood of Eris Esoteric must be giggling like fiends right about now.

Well, more than usual, I mean.

11 Replies to “Discordians 0wnzz0rz Teh 50lar 5y5t3m!”

  1. The other neat thing is that the moon that was once nicknamed “Gabrielle” now has the name of Dysnomia, Eris’ daughter and minor goddess of lawlessness.

    So the moon of Xena is lawless.

  2. Huzzah.

    Especially given the “discovery” (or more accurately, the confirmation of it’s existence, because it’s been mathematically theorized for years) has kind of opened the whole “well, what is a planet anyway” can of worms.

    Eris has, once again, thrown an Apple of Discord into a place where the High and Mighty assemble.

    I might have to start going to church again.

  3. The newspaper clipping on it that someone pinned up at the college had a headline of, “All Hail Eris and Dysnomia.’ Heh.

    I still think Xena and Gabrielle were better names.

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