(Thunderclap) I Call Upon The Power of My Limited Fame!

OK, folks who read this journal– I have a favor to ask:

My friend, is trying to get a gig on a local rock station’s morning show. Read about it here.

Now, go here: http://www.kcradiogod.com/applications4.html

…and vote for Christine Wade.

Fly! Fly, my winged monkeys! Flood the station with votes! Muahh-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!!!

9 Replies to “(Thunderclap) I Call Upon The Power of My Limited Fame!”

  1. Re: Rock On!

    After you make your vote a new box is displayed with total number of votes. I’m assuming thats for the person (you) I voted for and not for the whole group, but you never know how these things work.

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