Bizarro World

So, I just found out, via the Lawrence Journal World, that my representative, Democrat Dennis Moore, was one of 34 House Democrats that voted FOR the torture bill.

And get this: one of his Republican counterparts, Jerry Moran, was one of 7 GOP Congressmen to vote against the measure.

Fucking bizarro world.

I just sent the following to Moore’s office:

Mr. Moore:

I am digusted that you were one of the 34 House Democrats to back the bill that suspends habeus corpus, allows the President the sole discretion to interpret the Geneva Convention, and legalizes torture.

You have had my unconditional support, as one of the few Democrats representing Kansas. No longer. What a world we live in when your Republican colleague, Rep. Jerry Moran, votes against this gutting of American values, and you vote for it.

You cannot for a moment believe that your constituents supported this legislation. It goes against everything that this Republic has stood for — I can only hope that your craven desire to avoid being painted as “soft on terror” can assuage your conscience.

I am ashamed to call you my Representative.

I’m sure that you won’t even see this — some intern will mark it as read, and I’ll receive some half-assed form letter in response, explaining your vote as providing “a framework through which our military can bring enemy combatants to justice” — Please don’t bother to send it. I’m not so gullible as to believe the talking points — and I would have hoped that you had more courage than to vote in favor of this travesty.

For all the good it will do.

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  1. “For all the good it will do.”

    While I understand the statement (and I wholeheartedly agree with it), a little part of me dies every time I hear somebody who I consider to be intelligent say that.

    And I’m disgusted that we are pretty much the only nation in the free world that considers the Geneva Convention and the Magna Carta to be “obsolete.”

    As soon as I can get the money, I’m taking French classes, so I can have enough points to emigrate legally to Canada. When the “other party” goes along with something so abhorrent, it’s proof that the system has finally broken for good, and changing it “from within” is not only improbable, it might not even be worth trying anymore.

  2. I’ve just emailed a similar letter and referenced yours. I was also very disappointed when Moore voted against Net Neutrality. Really sucks that the primaries are over and the only choices we have now are Rabid Bush Supporter and Bush Supporter Lite.

  3. Yeah, Delay’s replacement to be, Democrat Nick Lampson is turning out to be a Republican in a bad suit. Delay Jerrymandered him out of his seat so he moved a few miles into our district. He voted against gay marrige, and against parents having to be responsible for their kid’s internet surfing. I am just going to select the big D and hope the election is not rigged.

  4. While I am a MO resident, I am forwarding this to friends in KS who have also supported Dennis. I am specifically targeting those who I know have contributed to his campaign and have done fundraisers for him. I think he’s counting on people being asleep at the wheel and not knowing he voted for this. Or, he’s trying to appease the odd brand of Kansas voter that still believes Iraq is a good idea, there were WMD’s, Osama and Saddam were lovers, evolution is bunk, and also vote Dem. I would think it to be a small slice of the pie chart, but Kansas voters are an enigma. And, no, I’m not bashing because I live in a state that felt it necessary to declare Christianity the State Religion. Ick.

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