For My Serenity Players, Who Are Also BSG Fans….

A Press Release you might find interesting:

Sovereign Press has acquired the rights to produce a Battlestar Galactica Role-Playing Game from Universal. The Sovereign Press BSG RPG will be based on the new Battlestar Galactica series currently appearing on the SCI FI Channel. In order to create immediate interest among the Battlestar Galactica fan base, Sovereign Press plans to release a 32-page BSG RPG Quickstart Rules (MSRP $4.99) volume as early as October.

The Core Rulebook for the Battlestar Galactica Role-Playing Game, which will be focused on events that happened in Season One of the new series, is scheduled for release in January and is tentatively priced at $39.99 for 224-page full color hardcover. The BSG RPG will use the same gaming system as Sovereign’s popular Serenity RPG.

Here’s hoping they’re a bit better with the support than they have been with Serenity.

8 Replies to “For My Serenity Players, Who Are Also BSG Fans….”

  1. *giggles gleefully*

    At least we’d know how to play it already as opposed to our first few Serenity sessions where we were going “I roll what now?”

  2. Uh… did I stop saying that? LOL. And you can bet your ass when we start up again, it’ll be with a “Wha-huh?” and “Is this a D10?” from me…


  3. As I understood it, the problems with the Serenity game arose because of the Rights Ownership problem with Firefly vs Serenity.

    Don’t know more about that, do you? I’ve not seen an analysis…

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