My Old Office Is Stuck….

For a couple of years around the turn of the century, I was the managing editor of Fisher House Magazine, an internal publication of the foundation that owns, among other things, the USS Intrepid Sea*Air*Space museum in NYC. My office was on board an aircraft carrier, which, by most scales of measurement, is a pretty frickin’ cool thing to be able to say.

The Intrepid is being given a much-needed 60 million dollar overhaul — she really was in bad shape, and most of the carrier was off-limits to the public.

However, yesterday The Intrepid got stuck in Hudson river mud as they tried to tow her with tugs downriver to the yard where she’ll will undergo the overhaul. They only managed to move her 15 feet or so from where she’s sat for the past 24 years.

It makes me kinda sad.

I’m sure they’ll eventually get her free, and she’ll be spruced up and back in her berth in a couple of years, open for business.

Godspeed, Fighting I.

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