The Difference

Here’s something that pisses me off:

In the Viriginia Senate race, Webb’s lead over Allen is more than 10x the margin that Bush had over Gore in Florida when the 2000 presidential race was called for Bush by FOX News president Roger Ailes in 2000.

In the Montana Senate race, Tester’s lead over Burns is more than double Bush’s eventual victory margin in Florida in 2000.

When will the media stop repeating the whole “too close to call” thing and simply start acknowledging that the Democrats have taken the Senate as well as the House?

There’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats, right there. Karl Rove would have had the spinners all over the media, painting the races as a done deal, and the trailing candidates as sore losers. He would have had every Republican on television talking about the races in the past tense, and already making announcements about the plans of the new Congress.

….and he would have done it 12 hours ago.

Why the hell do the Dems have to be so goddamned polite about this? Every hour that passes that they don’t claim the mental real estate of total victory in the minds of the American people, the easier it will be for post-election shenanigans to be pulled off. The Democrats need to get on the “we won” Meme, and spread it. NOW.

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  1. Why the hell do the Dems have to be so goddamned polite about this?

    Because it’s about time people started behaving like adults instead of preening juvenile meglomaniacs. Actually, I applaud the Dems for not singing the Nannie-nannie-nyah-nyah song.

    Perhaps their reticence to crow victory is a good indication that they’re not taking this lightly or with too much optimism. I hope this signals their understanding that they’ve got a hell of a row to hoe and they plan to take nothing for granted.

  2. From a DSCC statement today:

    “Both Jon Tester and Jim Webb have won their races in Montana and Virginia but want to make sure that every vote is counted. We expect to have official results soon but can happily declare today that Democrats have taken the majority in the U.S. Senate.”

    Sure sounds like they’re saying “We won.” YMMV.

  3. Because it’s about time people started behaving like adults instead of preening juvenile meglomaniacs. Actually, I applaud the Dems for not singing the Nannie-nannie-nyah-nyah song.

    I must agree. Remember how badly the “poor winners” attitude went down when the crowing, gloating, “Contract with America” crowd got into office? They handled it badly and there was backlash.

  4. Here, here!

    What I find funny about this whole US election system is how all the talking heads come out and analyse the pre-results. With 9-10% of stations reporting, they make calles based on that and determine who’s won. This is completely retarded. It’s like they all get off on the process and not the results.

    In the UK (my homeland)results aren’t analyses UNTIL the numbers are in properly, and then centrally announced to everyone so that there’s none of this clusterfrak of different groups announcing different things.

    If it’s too close to call say “We don’t know yet” and then come back to it when you do know instead of spending 4-5 hours messing with people’s heads and reporting on something that is nothing to report.

    End of line.

  5. Yeah, you’re right. I know.

    I’m just tired of seeing them behave like adults, follow the rules, be nice, apply statesmanship…..and get their asses handed to them because the other side doesn’t. The whole “coming to a knife fight, expecting a moderated debate” thing.

    I know that if things are genuinely going to change, somebody has got to take the High Road….but after the past decade, I can’t help but shake the feeling that while the Dems are taking the High Road, the NeoCons will be taking the Shortcut….and will be rewarded for it.

  6. *shudder*

    I remember that vividly & w/ great distinctness. It was disgusting, like little boys in a rigged schoolyard fight.

    I’m glad there seems to be a committment to fairness & accuracy- though I must admit being damned pleased to think of the win too. ;-)

  7. From Washington Post:

    “In Montana, where ballots still had to be counted this morning, Democratic challenger Jon Tester defeated Republican incumbent Sen. Conrad Burns. Tester held a 3,000 vote lead over Burns, with a few hundred provisional ballots and results from one small county outstanding.

    The result in Montana left the balance of power in the Senate resting on the outcome of the race in Virginia, where former Navy secretary James Webb (D) was ahead of Virginia Sen. George Allen (R) by about 7,000 votes. Webb claimed victory but Allen declined to concede. With a recount possible, a final outcome could take weeks.”

    That Allen dude needs to suck it up. We win!

  8. I believe the Democrats have been crowing for years (especially in the subject of Iraq) that the ends don’t justify the means. It would not behoove them to not walk the talk in a simple instance such making sure all votes count.

    When all the votes are tallied… AND the Democrats have control of the Senate and House, they can say with moral authority that they pushed to have all votes counted even when they were clearly winners early on.

    So if the Republicans try to pull any of that Rovian crap in ’08, Dems can whip out this example and show the people that our democratic processes shall not be subverted ever again.

    Or so I hope.

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