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Giving a lot of thought to what I want to do, recreational-gaming-wise (as opposed to publishing-gaming-work-wise) this coming year.

As much as I hate to say it, I think that the SERENITY campaign is DOA. Too hard to pick up again after all this time, plus, to be completely honest, every time I think about it, it dredges up some fairly unpleasant memories. Best to leave it be, I think.

Hellboy….meh. OK for a one-shot, I guess, but I’ve lost my drive to really do anything with it.

Saw ‘s comment on this post, where he mentioned the possibility of a superhero game… This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, actually.

I’d use Mutants & Masterminds, which is an extremely nifty d20-based rules system. The actual play is fairly rules-light….the only complicated part is character creation (which is a points-buy thing, allowing you to design a character and their powers in the most minute detail)…although for people who don’t jazz on the number-crunching, they give the option of simply picking an Archetype and modifying it, which is WAY easy (and I’ve got several PDF releases full of Archetypes….so I guarantee if you’ve got a superhero that you’d like to model, I can get you a matching archetype).

Anyone interested?

The other gaming idea: D&D….sort of. Using the straight D&D rules, but in my own campaign world, which takes things pretty far from the usual Medieval-Fantasy model and more into a bizarre mix of Western, Wuxia, Steampunk and more, set in a fantasy world.

Anyway — I’m open to comments. I really want to get something regular started up.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Serenity is DOA, but at least you told some good stories and you guys had fun.

    I’m sad to hear that Hellboy‘s not on the radar right now, but just for the record, I think it’d still make a fun one-shot if the pulp gears of that brainbox of yours ever get a hankerin’. Or even a miniseries of 4-6 stories. Whatever. Just saying it sounded like fun.

    I have never had the pleasure to play M&M but have heard nothing but good things, and plan on picking up the books in ’07. I’d love to play in a superhero game, whether Tom’s running it or you’re running it.

    I am middle of the road on D&D, which is to say I could go either way, but I could be sold on it so long as I don’t need to purchase a mountain of books.

    On an unrelated note, it’s been really good to get to know you better over the course of the year. I’m very glad that I do.

  2. You’ve also got that copy of the 2nd edition manuscript of M&M that they sent me in advance of the release, so you can at least get a head start on the rules, tinker with character creation, etc.

    The D&D thing — you wouldn’t need to purchase books. The sheer volume of d20 stuff I have in my office serves as a more than adequate lending library. :)

    Regarding your unrelated note: Extremely Likewise.

  3. Gideon is still my favorite RPG character I’ve *ever* done, no matter if she never gets played again.

    I’m in for whatever, please. Both M&M and the self-creation of yours sound good. :D

  4. I like almost any superhero game playwize, but I want to RUN one for a few sessions, to explore some ideas that have lain around me heed for a few years..
    as for d&d, maybe, you’ll have to convince me that the setting can overcome my annoyance for the rule system…

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