I’ve got an appointment tomorrow for the initial biopsy, to determine if things are bad or not. Couldn’t make it today, because the doctor is in surgery.

I’ve calmed down a bit. Everybody’s good wishes helped considerably, as did my own realization that I feel fine, and willpower and belief is a strong force.

In other words, I’m not going to freak out until I know there’s a reason to freak out.

Still hate the waiting, though.

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  1. As said, the waiting is the hardest part.

    If you can, pass today doing things which are completely distracting, or at least involved enough to pull most of your mind away from the wait.

    Take care, my friend. You are in my thoughts.


  2. I want you to know I’ve been thinking of you and sending good juju your way. Glad to know you’ve gotten to this place; it’s a bitch to get there sometimes, but i’s so much easier to deal with once you’re there. Here’s to not HAVING to go back to the freak out point.

  3. You are strong, and don’t forget: emotional distress can be a great impetus for writing!

    (I think I’m going to give myself the nickname “Gareth’s Writing Shoulder Angel.” I can be angelic. Really.)

    Since we’re in town, please keep Natalie and I in mind if you need anything.

    Kiss, kiss.

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