A Solution….

…or, if not a solution, then at least “A Plan.”

After some urging from , I agreed with her that the trick to getting more writing done on the novel is to fully separate the process from my day-to-day creative work with Adamant. This means that the office, where I do all of my work, is not conducive to fiction-writing, because I’m in my Adamant head-space when I am there.

So, to that end, starting next week, I’ll be spending Tuesdays and Thursdays out of the office — I will go to campus, or downtown to some coffee shop or other (there are something like a half-dozen to choose from, and only one of them a Starbucks), and spend the day writing.

Not only does this allow me to get into a different writing-specific head-space, but also allows me to get out into the world and see other human beings, thereby feeling less isolated. Also a good thing.

I have purchased this, specifically for this plan. It is a used Mac Powerbook G4 (the previous generation before the current MacBook Pros). New battery, new version of OS X loaded, Airport card, Bluetooth, etc. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the current generation, but all I need is a reliable word processor, plus internet access.

It is being shipped by the owner today. I expect to start the new schedule next week.

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  1. I think that’s a fantastic idea. Each kind of writing needs its own space, and going to coffee shop or similar venue should shift you into a different state of mind. Heck, you might even get to look forward to the official breaks from the daily Adamant stuff.

  2. Good plan, amigo! I agree–establishing a fiction-writing space (even if that’s just “I am out writing on my laptop”) should help immensely. Good luck with it!

    The laptop looks good, too. Did you find it on eBay? I’ve been meaning to get something like that myself–all I need is something that can synch up to wireless, can run Word and Firefox, and has a USB port.

  3. Good plan. I find the “mobile office” thing works really well for me when I need to hunker down away from the distractions of “the office” (even the home office) and get things done. Some days I just take my laptop and find somewhere to write uninterrupted, even if it’s only for a couple of hours, and have a more productive day than I would beating my head against a wall all day at home.

  4. What seems to work best for me is switching from typing to writing by hand. It’s like me entire brain rolls over in my head and words magically appear (and sound like someone with a little more intelligence was behind them).

    Oh yeah. And disconnecting myself from the web. Way too many distractions between e-mails, IMs, and curiosity.

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