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Over on the Trek BBS, they have a forum for fan art, and they do a monthly ‘contest’ (where the prize is getting to decide what the next month’s contest is going to be).

Folks have come up with some nifty stuff. This month, though, I finally decided to try my hand at it. This month’s contest was “The Pike Chronicles” — Star Trek if Jeffrey Hunter hadn’t bailed after the first pilot, and had gone on to do the whole series.

Here’s my entry (which technically isn’t from the series, but still….):

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  1. It could be argued that part of what made Star Trek:TOS successful was Shatner’s classic ham-handed portrayal of Kirk. Jeff Hunter was a fine actor, but his characterization of Pike was, at best, as wooden as a pile of 2×4’s.

    That said, good photoshop.

  2. That brilliant and I’m just sick

    That’s pretty damned nifty! Naturally, my sick little mind imagined the Davros-like quadrapalegic mute burn victim version of the Captain through the series – making the moves on Yeomand Rand, dealing with tribbles on a deep space station, facing off against Klingons in away missions, telling Adonis that he was the last of a forgotten race of Gods, stopping Bones from saving Edith Keeler.

    All with a yes or no light on his rolling pedestal while he sits there motionless with his mouth open.

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