Final Series Three Trailer…..

The last and newest trailer for series three of Doctor Who is up at the BBC’s site (although in annoying-as-hell RealMedia format). Thankfully, a clever fan YouTubed it.

Check it out. Hideous living scarecrows. Derek Jacobi. Daleks. “Alons y!” John-bloody-Simms as the Mysterious “Mr. Saxon”……

Guh. Can’t wait.

11 Replies to “Final Series Three Trailer…..”

  1. As a curtain opener for tomorrow’s first episode, we’re having Dr Who: The Weakest Link with amongst others, David Tennant and John Barrowman. K-9 has just been voted off.

  2. And now John Barrowman is on the Charlotte Church Show.

    “Why is Torchwood set in Cardiff”
    “Because there are so many fucking aliens in Cardiff”

    He’s such a media whore.

  3. Well, the link wokrks, even if i can’t type worth a damn. Very good. Looking forward to the new season and also enjoying the previous on DVD. :)

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