Far West: Artifact

Not really a design entry (sorry to disappoint, but one will be coming tomorrow), but just a bit of detail —

I tend to do my initial design work longhand, moving to digital format later on in the process. The handwritten notes serve as both drafting space and playtest notes.

The draft notes for Far West are being written in a handstitched blank book, appropriate to the feel of the setting:

Sometimes the artifact is important to the feel. Something I should think about when it comes time to print.

19 Replies to “Far West: Artifact”

  1. Good grief, that’s a sweet-looking book. Did you make it? If not, where can I buy one?

    I’m really looking forward to the game, btw.

  2. The painting is Sunset Landscape by 13th century artist Ma Lin. The writing is a couplet from the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei and translates as:

    Mountains hold the autumn colors near;
    Swallows cross the evening sun slowly.

  3. Re: its a pretty kikas book…

    Nah, given the people involved, I need more notice than that. (Which is why I had bothered to set up the 26th a month in advance)

  4. Re: its a pretty kikas book…

    Yeah, I suk. Unfortunately in my little brain, a month in advance is like saying “sometime after the rapture…” and I’m sure you understand that bid’ness always trumps pleasure (sorry, shorties!).

  5. I have a promo notebook from the Halo 2 beta release. It’s two stamped metal covers. I’m holding on to it for when I work on my space opera novel for exactly that reason.

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