Friday Music

As promised, Friday Music is back.

First up, for , I’ve tracked down the music used in the Absolut “pillow fight riot” commercial. It’s a French record from 1938: Charles Trenet – “Boum!”

Sticking with the European theme for a bit, here are two tracks in honor of The Minion’s return from Germany. These were her favorite groups when she was there: Die Ärzte – “Männer sind Schweine (Men are Pigs)” and Wir sind Helden – “Guten Tag.” I was familiar with the second track, as it appears on the soundtrack to the FIFA 2004 game I’ve been addicted to.

KT Tunstall is pretty cool — I liked “Black Horse & Cherry Tree,” and “Suddenly I See” — but she’s apparently even cooler live. Here is a live recording of Ms. Tunstall doing an accoustic cover of a Jackson 5 classic, and it’s pretty damned good: KT Tunstall – “I Want You Back.”

A sequel to an earlier Friday Music post, where I featured a track from the London trio Belleruche (singer, guitarist and DJ), whose album is forthcoming. Here’s another track from them — jazzy, smoky and noir: Belleruche – “It’ll Come.”

It had to happen sooner or later — some Harry Potter fans have come up with a grime track that “big ups” all things Potter while slamming The Lord of the Rings: Danny Dementor – “Where’s Your Hood At?” Favorite line: “LOTR fans, you talk a lot of smack — but guess where I’ve got yer boy Gandalf at? He’s locked in a tower up at Azkaban — Dumble-D kicked his ass, and he’ll do it again.”

(For those interested in even more musical efforts by Potter fans, check out the 17 tracks of “wizard rock” posted here, which include such groups as Draco & the Malfoys, The Ministry of Magic and The Mudbloods.)

Lastly, a bit of Kasabian. Their track “Club Foot” made a minor splash over here, but never really caught on. Shame, really, as the rest of their stuff is equally good. Kasabian – L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)”

More next week. Glad to be back.

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  1. Although I won’t have time to get to these until later this weekend, I want to take the time to tell you that I appreciate you doing this. I love having my musical horizons expanded.

    You Rock!


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