Everything That’s Wrong With This Country

So Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has suddenly resigned, apparently without telling any senior Justice Dept. officials (or even his own aides) that he was going to.

What’s CNN’s top story on the website?

Michael Vick apologizes.

That’s really it in a nutshell, isn’t it…..fishy goings-on in our government, and we’re more concerned with a story that centers around the fact that we’re shocked (shocked, I tell you!) that one of our professional thugs has been cruel to dogs.

Get me the fuck out of here.

For those that might actually care about the future of the country: It’s being leaked that Homeland Security chief Chertoff will be tagged for replacement of Gonzales– Wrapping the confirmation process in the flag. Any criticism or “rough treatment” (read here, pointed questions and accountability) of Chertoff will be smeared as an attack on DHS. I fully expect the Democrats to cave completely during this process, shrinking in the corner waving their American flags.

Even worse, and most likely not given any attention during the more media-sexy Chertoff confirmation process? According to senior-level sources, Bush plans to have Clay Johnson III, the Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget, take over from Chertoff as head of the Department of Homeland Security.

Johnson has no homeland security experience, and has been described as “a professional Bush loyalist.” He’s one of Bush’s oldest friends, having attended both prep school and college with the President.

If you needed any proof that the “security theater” that we undergo in this country is meaningless, there you have it. We’re about to have somebody’s college buddy, with no experience, tasked with keeping us all safe. But if any Democrat points this out, I’m sure they can kiss the White House good-bye in 2008.

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  1. Can’t we please, please, please smear DHS? Just the very thought we have something called the Department of Homeland Security makes my skin crawl… your papers, citizen?

  2. Top story on BBC: Alberto Gonzales. NY Times? Alberto. Washington Post? Gonzales. NPR? The resignation. SF Gate? 400k homes are selling. Okay, well that is understandable headline news here.

    I’m not sure that the headlines of CNN and Fox aren’t anything more than proof that cable news is frivolous and pointless (I noticed this with Paris Hilton taking the limelight away from, again, Gonzales.) And placating the ignorant isn’t a new business.

  3. Ok, I normally avoid the political posts…but the first line had me cracking up…because just last night a friend of mine made a post about how he’d eaten dinner at the restaurant that she works in and couldn’t even be brought to tip 15% to one of the best waiters that they have on staff.

    That is all.
    /passing commentary

  4. Okay, they are now worse than the Nazi’s. At least the Nazi’s stood for something. Yes, it was horribly horribly evil, but they had principles!

    These people can’t even get the trains to run on time.

  5. I don’t know how you can be pissed off. The Dems have been systematically taking out Bush’s cabinet, and have been very successful at it.

    Meanwhile, no one is upset about Jefferson and his freezer full of cash. But I guess that’s different…

  6. Sadly, I have to agree with your prediction. The entire fuckin’ administration’s corrupt and the “opposing party” is an accomplice by default.

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