4th Edition Ruminations…

Or, as I’ve seen in countless publishers’ blog posts since the announcement: 4e or Not 4e?

A lot to consider. Various random thoughts:

1) A recent poll on ENWorld, asking what publishers people would like to see 4e products from (from the list of those of us on the advance call, plus a few others) — Adamant is only polling at about 7%. This may be because we’re more known for our genre explorations of d20 Modern, rather than fantasy material. Still…

2) Wolfgang Baur was successful in raising 5K from patrons. Would something like that also work for Adamant? At least enough to defer some of the costs?

3) Possible co-branding and partnership with other publisher(s)? Is the loss of individual control and brand identity worth the increased impact of being a Phase 1 publisher?

4) Given a focus on PDF and POD direct-to-consumer and direct-to-retail (avoiding the broken distribution system if at all possible), is being a Phase 1 publisher even worth it?

5) It occurs to me that under the current 3.5 version of the rules and license, it’s probably eminently doable to release products lightly-statted enough to work with ANY edition, and make a big launch of those products the minute 4th Edition is available, rather than having to wait even for the August 1st go-live date of Phase 1, much less 2009. From what we’ve heard of 4th Edition, it’s not changed so far as to be unrecognizable….so under the unrevokable OGL 1.0, it should be nothing more than a slight design challenge to come up with “close enough.”

Any comments or thoughts would be welcome. I’m brainstorming here.