Behind the Media: Obama actually wins Nevada

Something to keep in mind as the Media spins the latest Clinton inevitability story:

Check the delegate count.

Clinton’s win in Nevada, based on the precincts she won: 12 delegates.

Obama’s “loss”, based on his precincts: 13 delegates.

His precincts were in more of the high-delegate areas, by a slight margin. So, even though he “lost”, he comes out of Nevada with more of that state’s delegates.

At this point, though….I have the growing feeling that this race may end up going all the way to the Democratic Convention. Great for media ratings, I guess — but runs the risk of damaging the final nominee’s chances in the main election in November.

My bet (a theory I heard earlier today): Edwards stays in all the way to the Convention (because he opted for public financing, it doesn’t cost him to do so), and then uses his small collection of delegates to play kingmaker, determining the winner.