4th Edition Decision

Well, my decision was just made a lot easier.

Last week, I asked WOTC about their requirement of being provided with a business license for all prospective 4th Ed. publishers.

Some background: Adamant Entertainment is a sole proprietorship in the state of Kansas. Kansas does not require registration of DBAs (Doing Business As), and only requires registration if you’re hiring employees — which, since I use freelance contractors, I do not. So, no “business license.”

I was informed today:

“The current wording in the new license firmly states that we absolutely require a business license.”

So, if you’re from a jurisdiction that doesn’t require them (which includes several countries, if I’m not mistaken), looks like you’re out of luck, unless you want to jump through an entirely unnecessary hoop, and register somewhere, just for the purpose of having a slip of paper to show WOTC.

Another staggeringly brilliant decision from WOTC Legal.

I’ve been told that if it changes, they’ll “let me know.”

Cinematic Titanic

Joel Hodgson, the creator of MST3K, along with several other original cast members, have launched Cinematic Titanic, which brings back the classic riffing-on-B-movies schtick.

Mike Nelson and other cast members are doing audio riffs of newer films over at Rifftrax. Funny stuff, but, for me, it misses the point, which was the older B-movies. Watching a riff of an old, obscure and terrible B-movie means that I can take the film+the audio as a whole, and really grow to love it as its own thing. Using a newer movie that I’m already familiar with? It’s just the same snarking that I do with my friends.

Me, I was always more of a Joel guy, so it’s good to hear his voice (especially along with Trace Beaulieu, the original – and best- voice of Crow T. Robot) again.

They’ve got their first DVD available: The Oozing Skull, released a couple of weeks ago via their website.

Check the trailer: