Watched the Smirking Fratboy Address last night, if only to watch the Democratic Response, which was delivered by Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius (or “Kathy,” as The Minion refers to her, having spent part of the day in her company during her Legislative Paging session two years ago).

Very, very interesting. Did you hear any of it? The text can be found here.

Lots of references to a new kind of politics that leaves partisanship behind.

Constant repetition of the phrase “The New American Majority.”

A call for all lawmakers to join together and “Get to work.”

An echoing of one of JFK’s famous phrases, used to criticise the current political climate:

“In spite of the attempts to convince us that we are divided as a people, a new American majority has come together. We are tired of leaders who, rather than asking what we can do for our country, ask nothing of us at all.

I watched it and thought — Wow, Hillary Clinton has got to be PISSED. The Democratic Party has put another woman in the national spotlight, and she’s delivering *Obama’s* message.

Then, I saw a news item this morning: Sebelius to Endorse Obama Today.

I’d love to see an Obama/Sebelius ticket….not only because she’s a perfect example of bipartisanship (a popular Democratic Governor of a Redder-than-Red Republican state), but because having a woman on the ticket would be a powerful symbolic statement as well (and we all know that Hillary wouldn’t take the VP job).

Funny thing, I can’t help but think that the national party is thinking the same thing, and hedging their bets in Obama’s favor by putting Sebelius out there last night.