Yale told The Minion no. Which is especially annoying, considering she only applied there in the first place because they went after her….

We also heard from her #2 choice, Bowdoin. Also a no.

So, she’s understandibly bummed. Still, these are the first hard “no’s” she’s received, of all of the schools she’s applied to.

Four yesses, two wait-lists, two no.

Now we wait to hear on financial packages and scholarships.


Repo! The Genetic Opera

I was unaware of this awesomeness, until pointed towards it by amanofhats: Repo! The Genetic Opera. Described by reviewers as “Rocky Horror meets Bladerunner” — starring Alex Vega, Anthony Head, Sarah Brightman, Paul Sorvino (and yeah, Paris Hilton, but still!)….and its supposed to be coming out in August.

Check this out — it’s more than a little odd, but I still find myself wanting to see it. I’m getting an almost Jim Steinman-esque vibe coming from it.


The KC Wizards game last night was a good time. KC 2, DC United nil. Probably could have been 3-nil, but one was called back by a questionable offsides call. Still, a good introduction to local football. (“The World’s Game, Kansas City’s Team” is the slogan for the year. I like it.)

The Community America Ballpark is small, and unfortunately doesn’t feel like a major league venue, especially with temporary metal bleachers installed to beef up the seat count. I also think that I need to try to see future games from the hardcore supporter’s zone (“The Cauldron”), who were chanting and waving flags and scarves for the entire game. Sadly, the bleachers where and I were sitting were somewhat non-optimal seats: Lots of Johnson County housewives complaining about the cold, deciding to go to the nearby mall at halftime, etc. I want to watch a game surrounded by people who GET IT. There were multiple times when we were the only people applauding, or who even appeared to understand what was happening down on the pitch. I wish I was exaggerating.

The park is smack-dab in the middle of the Legends entertainment complex, so I think that next time around we’ll hit Corrino’s or something for dinner after the game. There are, on average, two home games per month — including on on the day after my birthday in June. Perhaps we’ll get a group together…..