Yale told The Minion no. Which is especially annoying, considering she only applied there in the first place because they went after her….

We also heard from her #2 choice, Bowdoin. Also a no.

So, she’s understandibly bummed. Still, these are the first hard “no’s” she’s received, of all of the schools she’s applied to.

Four yesses, two wait-lists, two no.

Now we wait to hear on financial packages and scholarships.


Repo! The Genetic Opera

I was unaware of this awesomeness, until pointed towards it by amanofhats: Repo! The Genetic Opera. Described by reviewers as “Rocky Horror meets Bladerunner” — starring Alex Vega, Anthony Head, Sarah Brightman, Paul Sorvino (and yeah, Paris Hilton, but still!)….and its supposed to be coming out in August.

Check this out — it’s more than a little odd, but I still find myself wanting to see it. I’m getting an almost Jim Steinman-esque vibe coming from it.