Tablet Advice

I’m considering picking up a tablet for my Mac, so that I can use my copy of Corel Painter and Photoshop CS to produce more artwork myself for Adamant (’cause, ya know, I’ve got so much extra time….. OK, not really, but it would save me a bunch on art costs in the long run….).

Anyone reading this have any reviews/recommendations/anecdotes?

Update: Dave Stevens

The story’s been confirmed, by his friend, Mark Evanier, and by Comic Book Resources.

I’m currently trying to track down who holds the rights on The Rocketeer, because I’d like to do an anthology of prose fiction featuring the character, as a benefit for Cancer research. I think it would be a fitting tribute, and as a cancer survivor myself as well as a Rocketeer fan, something I would love to do.

Dave Stevens dead?

Aw, man…

Warren Ellis just posted that he’s heard that Dave Stevens, creator of the Rocketeer, died yesterday.

I haven’t found any confirmation of it yet. I’m hoping it’s not true. EDIT: He’s updated the post, and apparently it was Leukemia. Well….SHIT.

I’ve been trying to get ahold of Stevens for a couple years now — I desperately want to include new prose fiction featuring The Rocketeer in Thrilling Tales Quarterly, and wanted to license the character from him. I’ve been unable to reach him through any of my usual contacts (and a few unusual ones).

Dave Stevens is (was?) my favorite comics creator. I sincerely hope that this news isn’t true — but something tells me it probably is. I guess that means I’ll need to discover the disposition of his estate, to find out what the possibilities are now for reviving The Rocketeer.