Pulp Prints, part deux: I GOT IT!

In yesterday’s post on Pulp prints, I mentioned a second print that I was trying to get, but didn’t want to jinx.

Well, I got it. It cost, but I got it. I wanted this thing so bad, I was damn near losing sleep over it.

A 1991 lithograph of The Rocketeer, available only at the San Diego Comic Con that year…. and signed by the late Dave Stevens.

Grindhouse Theatrical on DVD

If you’ve got a multi-region player, you might be interested in this Region 2 boxed set, only released in Japan — available via order from YesAsia.com.

This Japan release is the only DVD release of the US theatrical version of Grindhouse, with both films and the fake trailers and retaining the deliberate throwback scratched-print look.

The six-disc Japan release Grindhouse boxset comes with:

Disc 1: Death Proof Feature Film
Disc 2: Death Proof Bonus Features
Disc 3: Planet Terror Feature Film
Disc 4: Planet Terror Bonus Features
Disc 5: Grindhouse (US Theatrical Release Version)
Disc 6: Japan Exclusive Grindhouse Bonus Features
– Grindhouse US Version Original Trailer
– 2006 San Diego Comicon – Director and Cast Q&A
– Tarantino Interview in Japan
– Cast & Crew Comments (including Tarantino, Rodriguez, and Fake Trailer Directors)
– Grindhouse Films Featurette
– Making of Planet Terror

Available via YesAsia for $102.75, and coming out on Friday.

Yes, I’m saving my pennies.

New Obama Speech — on Iraq

To mark the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war, Obama made another major speech today —

I haven’t yet found full video of this one yet, but the complete text is here.

One of the better quotes:

“We have a security gap when candidates say they will follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell, but refuse to follow him where he actually goes. What we need in our next Commander in Chief is not a stubborn refusal to acknowledge reality or empty rhetoric about 3AM phone calls. What we need is a pragmatic strategy that focuses on fighting our real enemies, rebuilding alliances, and renewing our engagement with the world’s people.”