Quote of the Day

“Hillary Clinton is a fantastically wealthy, union-busting, condescending corporate board member with a privileged background who’s trying to convince you that she’s more “in touch” than a guy whose relatives live in huts.

(From a Huffington Post editorial.)

Filled With SUCK

1. Spring is springing. Allergies are waking from their hibernation.

2. Business. Endlessly circling in a holding pattern sure is fun….

3. Finance. “We can pay you 35% of that invoice that’s due right now…. is that OK?” Um, no, not really.

4. Bureaucracy. What part of “non-custodial” do you not understand? But no, now I have to get the Ex to provide financial info to the Minion’s prospective college. Hoping this (the college, OR the Ex) doesn’t end up screwing us.

5. Want to work on fiction, but need to get more immediately-paying work done. Which seems to be the never-ending Status of my particular Quo.