Why isn’t Obama Leading by More?

You’ve heard it — it’s the latest, sexy media narrative. Despite it being the Democrat’s election to lose, despite McCain not being all that popular among Republicans — why is Obama only leading by 5% or so in the polls? Why can’t he open up a bigger lead? Does America still have doubts?

The talking heads in the corporate media are trumpeting this latest bit of nonsense, as loud as they can. “He’s winning, but shouldn’t he be winning MORE? Is there ‘buyers remorse?’ ‘Obama fatigue?’ ”

The next time somebody says this — point out the following. Historically, a 5% lead in the popular vote equals a LANDSLIDE in the electoral college.

Hell, the famous Reagan landslide in 1984? His lead was 18%, which translated into a margin of 512 electoral votes more than Mondale.

Bill Clinton’s 202 electoral-vote gap over Pappy Bush in 1992 was the result of a 5.6% lead in the polls.

So, Obama’s consistant lead is not something to be concerned about. Electorally, it’s going to be a blow-out — and the media knows it. They just don’t want to be further accused of bias (which they will be, either way), and they’re also personally vested in a close race (because it increases their ratings, and hence their advertising income).

To anybody with a knowledge of how our system of government actually WORKS, though — this should be a no-brainer. So spread the word.

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