GenCon 08 Pictures

Grabbed a few pictures taken by others, and figured I’d put them here for posterity’s sake.

This is a set-up shot from Wednesday. I like to call it “Can You Spot The American In This Picture?”

From Left to Right: , Yrs.Trly., , (kneeling), , , , , Mrs. Lucid Destiny. At the moment this picture was taken, I had just arrived in the hall to get our badges from Angus (having left at the check-in desk as a Deposit).

From Thursday, the Cubicle 7 Team (minus , who is taking the picture):

Also from Thursday, , and , selling like mad:

From Friday, the seminar on Electronic Publishing:

Left to Right: , Ryan Johnson from Guild of Blades, and me.

Lastly, from Saturday Night — The White Wolf party. The lovely wife and her surly companion:

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