Random Gaming Thought — Doctor Who

(I wanted to put this somewhere before I forget it.)

Idea for a campaign model for Cubicle 7’s forthcoming Doctor Who RPG: Essentially a US version of Torchwood, thereby neatly circumventing the whole “who gets to play the Timelord” conundrum.

Problem: Torchwood is UK-only. Founded by Queen Victoria, as a response to Alien Threats From Beyond The Stars.

Possible Solution: UNIT — international organization, and confirmed US presence in canon.

Secondary Problem: I don’t want PCs to have access to platoons of soldiers and a friggin helicarrier.

Solution: I come up with the idea of the CRASH team. High specialized UNIT personnel who operate in Critical Response And Special Handling. Basically, a similar set-up to the UK’s Torchwood teams. Small groups (perfectly sized for player-character parties) who are UNIT’s “first responders.”

I *so* wanna run this.

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