Baseball and Books

First of all, I will admit that even as a life-long (hell, even longer than that– it was practically a genetic heritage) fan of the New York Yankees, I had been pulling for a Cubs/Red Sox World Series. An epic battle between two long-suffering cities, their teams and their fans.

However, with the Cubs’ loss of 3 consecutive games (not the fault of some random fan in the stands, as Wil Wheaton so eloquently confirms here), I’m now hoping that the Yankees win game 7 and move on to yet another World Series. With the Cubs gone, I can safely revert to the normal Boston-hating state of the true Yankee fan.

Plus, I think that the Marlins could wipe the floor with the Red Sox, and therefore a Yankee/Marlin World Series will make more a more exciting set of games. Basically, if the Sox fans are going to bitch about the Curse of the Bambino, I’d much rather the source of their pain be the Yankees, rather than the Florida Marlins.

In other news, I’ve picked up a couple of books recently:

Absolutely brilliant so far. Not really a science-fiction book, but a historical fiction book about science, written for science-fiction fans (i.e. geeks). Stephenson apparently wrote these books with a fountain pen, and, at 900+ pages, the book can also stop a small-caliber bullet, which is nice.

Taking breaks from the near-overwhelming depth of history in QUICKSILVER, I’m also dipping lightly into the following, reading one short story at a time:

Holmes/Lovecraft pastiches, by folks like Neil Gaiman, Poppy Z. Brite, and my pal James Lowder (whom I can now officially envy).


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