Clearing the Shelves

OK, folks–I want to get rid of a bunch of RPG swag that’s just taking up space on my shelves, and before I send them over to eBay, I figured that I’d offer readers of The Designer Monologues the first crack at it.

If you’re interested in anything on the list below, email me and make me an offer. I’ll trade for stuff I don’t have, or settle for cash.

The list:

Babylon 5 Roleplaying Game and Fact Book (D20, from Mongoose).

LUGTrek books: Star Trek TNG, Deep Space Nine, and Original Series RPGs, The Way of Kolinahr–Vulcan sourcebook, The Price of Freedom, and the Original Series Narrator’s Guide.

Men In Black RPG–Rulebook, Director’s Guide and Alien Recognition book

Masterbook: Limited edition hardcover, signed and numbered, with Rules, Bloodshadows and Indiana Jones books bound together.

Jadeclaw: Some Furry wuxia thing.

Blue Planet first edition

Conspiracy X, first edition

Nemesis: A Perfect World (Superhero RPG)

RUNE RPG from Atlas Games

GURPS Traveller: Starports (edited by Yours Truly)

Dying Earth RPG

Undiscovered: The Quest for Adventure– core rules HC, players guide, screen and adventure

Children of the Sun RPG

Silver Age Sentinels: Deluxe Limited Edition (full color HC)

Werewolf: the Wild West

Kindred of the East

Inferno (wargame set in Dante’s Hell)

There ya go, folks. Have at it.


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