Witch Haze

Last night we went to Laura’s friends place in Topeka, for the blessing of their baby. To my suprise, they had it done in a Wiccan ceremony–calling of the quarters, the cardinal points, casting of the circle, the whole shebang. I didn’t know that they leaned that way…I guess I don’t know them as well as Laura does.

It was my first ritual in a very, very long time–I’ve spent a lot of time as a solitary. I think the last public ritual I attended was something like 16 years ago.

A chime definitely went off in my soul somewhere. I miss this. I don’t know anyone who has a regular group, much less anyone I know well enough to feel comfortable with, but I miss it nonetheless…I have been feeling somewhat spiritually disconnected for a while now. For a time, we even were attending the local Episcopal church, which was close enough to the high ritual of my Irish Catholic childhood for me to feel…something, I guess. It didn’t pan out. In about 4 months, I reached the point where the same old things were pissing me off, and confirmed for me that I’m not remotely Christian.

The solitary pagan thing is tough, though. Part of what religion provides is a sense of spiritual community, which you just don’t get as a solitary.

Ah well. Deep thoughts.

Back to work. (This is a short week, so I’ve got a bunch to do)

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