I’m Uptight and Humorless

…according to White Wolf.

White Wolf, via their “Ohmygosh-aren’t-we-cutting-edge-indie-street-cred” imprint Arthaus, is releasing Pimp: The Backhanding a “humorous” card game all about the illegal sex trade, degredation and abuse of women, and racial stereotypes. They pass this shit off with a mealy-mouthed disclaimer about how this is just all in fun and that WW takes the REAL issues very seriously–look, we’ve even got a link to Amnesty International!

…and, of course, they’ve got the lovely tag-line: “If You Like Being Politically Correct & Never Laughing, Don’t Buy This Game.”

I’ll type this slowly for you, WW:

F U C K Y O U.

Not funny. Not even a little bit.

This has appeared on a few friend’s LJs already, but I’m putting in my two cents because I know that I’ve got a few readers here.

As I said in the comments on a friend’s journal, I have always found something in at least one White Wolf product per year, which reminds me that they are, at their core, a bunch of crackers from Georgia. Everything that I despised about living in Atlanta in one over-hyped package.

Bluntly, I’m ashamed to have ever done work for them.

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