I’m Uptight and Humorless

…according to White Wolf.

White Wolf, via their “Ohmygosh-aren’t-we-cutting-edge-indie-street-cred” imprint Arthaus, is releasing Pimp: The Backhanding a “humorous” card game all about the illegal sex trade, degredation and abuse of women, and racial stereotypes. They pass this shit off with a mealy-mouthed disclaimer about how this is just all in fun and that WW takes the REAL issues very seriously–look, we’ve even got a link to Amnesty International!

…and, of course, they’ve got the lovely tag-line: “If You Like Being Politically Correct & Never Laughing, Don’t Buy This Game.”

I’ll type this slowly for you, WW:

F…… U…… C…… K …… Y …… O …… U.

Not funny. Not even a little bit.

This has appeared on a few friend’s LJs already, but I’m putting in my two cents because I know that I’ve got a few readers here.

As I said in the comments on a friend’s journal, I have always found something in at least one White Wolf product per year, which reminds me that they are, at their core, a bunch of crackers from Georgia. Everything that I despised about living in Atlanta in one over-hyped package.

Bluntly, I’m ashamed to have ever done work for them.

LATER THAT DAY EDIT: Writing WW’s public relations folks does no good–Conrad Hubbard is notoriously a class-A fucktard, as can be seen in his jaw-dropping reply emails which have been posted here: (Click the link).

If you want to fill the mailbox of someone who actually has decision-making authority, contact Steve Wieck, one of the owners. His email is stevew@white-wolf.com

Yes, that’s his real email.

No, I don’t give a shit that I just publicized it.

61 Replies to “I’m Uptight and Humorless”

  1. Sockfucking mouthbreather?

    Not the most creative thing I’ve heard, but I’m wondering about the mouthbreather part. Besides your nose, how else do you breathe?

    A little more thought and effort next time, neh?

  2. I should know better, but…

    Thank you, crazyelf, I now have a better appreciation of the critisism ‘people swear because the haven’t the imagination to express themselves better’.

    That was…well… repetitive, dude. In fact, I was so distracted by the repetition (and not just of the swear words), I nearly missed the gist of what you were trying to say.

    Perhaps a greater variety of adjectives and a tightening up of the prose to remove the repetition of concepts would help get your point across.

  3. Indeed. Elle’s fault a majority of us are. So does that mean she’s more “evil” than Moo?

    Or am I just taking a thought that is congenitally uber-retarded and turning it up to Eleven?

  4. Houston is not the south. You get a bit of Austin with a lot more urban tacked on. Hell, UH has a Bangladeshi students association. We have wonderful diversity and that is why I stay here. We also have people from Jersey and stuff ;-)

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