OK–count me as one of the converted.

I borrowed the Firefly DVD from the Manor folks, and Laura and I watched the first disc last night.

When this show first aired, we watched the “Train Job” episode, and then the “Bushwacked” episode, and pretty much said “meh.” Never watched it again, and didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Firefly was one of those elements of Geek Orthodoxy that I solidly DID NOT GET (like Furry fandom, for example). Not my cuppa.

Until last night–the DVD starts with the 2-hour premiere (which FOX didn’t air in order originally), followed by the episodes we had already seen. I cannot get over the difference that seeing the 1st episode made. The characters suddenly had context….they had relationships and history, as did the setting. I saw “Train Job” and “Bushwacked” with new eyes.

I’ll be devouring the rest of the episodes and looking forward to the Serenity film coming out this year. Heck, I’ll probably pick up the role-playing game, which has been announced by Margaret Weis’ new game company as coming out this summer.

I get it now.

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