OK–count me as one of the converted.

I borrowed the Firefly DVD from the Manor folks, and and I watched the first disc last night.

When this show first aired, we watched the “Train Job” episode, and then the “Bushwacked” episode, and pretty much said “meh.” Never watched it again, and didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Firefly was one of those elements of Geek Orthodoxy that I solidly DID NOT GET (like Furry fandom, for example). Not my cuppa.

Until last night–the DVD starts with the 2-hour premiere (which FOX didn’t air in order originally), followed by the episodes we had already seen. I cannot get over the difference that seeing the 1st episode made. The characters suddenly had context….they had relationships and history, as did the setting. I saw “Train Job” and “Bushwacked” with new eyes.

I’ll be devouring the rest of the episodes and looking forward to the Serenity film coming out this year. Heck, I’ll probably pick up the role-playing game, which has been announced by Margaret Weis’ new game company as coming out this summer.

I get it now.

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  1. I get it now.

    Exactly!!!!!!!!!! This is the point that me and Kris have been trying to make. The fuckheads-that-be at Fox screwed themselves out of something beautiful. Joss Wheadon does not make crap television and this show was further proof of that. If only it had been done in the order intended, all would have realized this.

    I hate executives.

  2. We knew you wouldn’t be able to resist the force of the Shiny!

    Wait till you get to Objects in Space! SOOOO good!!! And Shindig is hilarious (“A s-wha??”)

  3. Jaynestown cracked me up as well, and I think he’s my favorite character. I avoided Firefly when it was on Fox, but now that I’ve been introduced, I’m a believer.

    I think I read somewhere that there are plans for THREE movies. I’ll have to look that up again. I’m eagerly awaiting any scraps they will throw my way.

  4. just introduced Firefly into my brain (just the 2 hour actual pilot thus far…he’d been trying to get me to watch it from the moment the DVD came out). It’s some really great stuff. Looking forward to the remainder over the next few weeks.


  5. I enjoyed the series when my brothers made me watch it, but maybe cramming it all into one weekend was a bad idea. They were close enough together that I got tired of the sex scenes. But that may be ‘battle fatigue’ from watching too much Buffy – I got VERY tired of the sex there, too. Something about Josh’s sex scenes since about season two or three of Buffy has always turned me off.

  6. In all fairness, I think that many of his sex scenes from Buffy, etc. were written to be deliberately off-putting. Anything with Spike involved, for example…

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