I’ve fallen.

Yesterday, I stopped by Border’s and picked up (gasp…*sob*….I can barely bring myself to say it….)…

A Star Trek novel.

(Yes, let the ridicule begin.)

It’s called Star Trek Vanguard: Harbinger, and is the first in a new series. Here’s the cover:

Basically, it’s the story of a Star Base way the hell out on the frontier, during the Original Series. So, essentially, Deep Space Nine in the age of Kirk & Co. Which, bluntly, is what attracted me to it…I had considered running a Star Trek RPG campaign a while back, and my campaign idea was “DS9 in the Original Series”…because I thought it would be cool mix of characters. Some Starfleet personell, some merchants, maybe a spy, etc. This novel features Kirk and the Enterprise, but it’s primarily a way to introduce the cast of original characters who will feature in the series…which, according to the Appendix that details them, features Starfleet officers, merchants, a spy, etc.

So, yeah….it’s essentially professional fan fiction. But damn it, it looked cool. The paperback even comes with a centerfold, with schematics of the Vanguard station. I mean, that’s cool, right?



Never mind. I’ll be over here.

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