KCRF Third Weekend Weather Update

Just read this over at the Journal-World:

Overnight, the temperature will drop to 55 degrees by early Saturday morning, he said. Saturday’s high will be 83 degrees, with clouds increasing Saturday afternoon.

A storm system will come across the state Saturday, bringing the possibility for some isolated showers Saturday afternoon into early Sunday morning, he said. The chances for rain on Saturday start about 4 p.m. or 5 p.m., he said.

“It looks like the best chance for rain will come Saturday night into Sunday,” he said. Winds will be from the south at 10 to 15 mph.

Sunday’s morning low will be 65, with the high reaching 83 on Sunday afternoon.

Sounds like a great weekend….hope we get some patrons.

7 Replies to “KCRF Third Weekend Weather Update”

  1. Well, I know what I want to see you wear (since I missed it last weekend), but whether or not you want to risk it to the rain in the afternoon is another thing.

  2. Aahhh, the inevitable unpredictability of Midwestern weather…I miss it, actually. People often stare in disbelief when I tell them of entering the mall wearing shorts in 80 degree weather and coming out three hours later to find it snowing. Of course, people here will call heavy rain with 20mph wind a “storm”. I call it rain. I’ve only seen hail TWICE since we moved here.

    Anyway, the weather reports are always fluctuating. Let’s hope for your sake the predictions are wrong and that you have a lovely weekend with lots of wealthy, happy, comedy-seeking patrons. :)

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