Friday Music

It’s lunchtime on Friday….you know what that means….

Something to get the blood moving on a cold and snowy day: Brian Setzer Orchestra – “Jumpin’ East of Java” — go on, I dare ya not to move. Big band plus smoking rockabilly guitar? Yes, please!

Speaking of guitars…here’s another track from Robert Rodriguez’ “hobby-band”, Chingon. Like many of their songs, this takes a mariachi standard and rocks it up considerably: Chingon – “Cuka Rocka” On top of everything else, he’s a ridiculously talented guitarist as well. Why am I not surprised?

This is a very pretty re-working of a very good song. Former Men At Work frontman Colin Hay has been touring small clubs recently, doing accoustic sets. This is one of the songs he performs: Colin Hay – “Overkill (acoustic)”

To switch gears entirely, I’ll post this–my favorite song from the godfathers of goth, Bauhaus. No, it’s not the expected “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.” Bauhaus – “Dark Entries.” I used to play this song very loudly in my room, and make my parents worry. :)

Here’s a song from a new group that definitely has echoes of Bauhaus and other early-80s alternative bands. I heard this a few times on the radio, and it’s really growing on me: stellastar* – “Sweet Troubled Soul.”

Speaking of retro sounds from modern bands, here’s some absolutely perfect “androgynous space aliens” glam from Lawrence’s own Vibralux – “Single.”

One of the more famous bits of sample-based music, this track was given the blessing of Blue Note Records, the label who provided the source samples. You’ll recognize it. It’s been used in a lot of places, but even so, I really like it: Us3 – “Canteloop (Flip Fantasia)”

Lastly, another one of my own compositions. This one features some dialog samples that I think that some of you will appreciate. @nubis – “Litany.”

More next week.

5 Replies to “Friday Music”

  1. have I thanked you for the wonderful and eclectic music you bring into my life? I should. I should also mention that many of your selections were included in the soundtrack for Papa Tiki’s Undead Luau…

  2. Where would one go to acquire some more of the @nubis stuff? The IUMA service transfer rates are the pits, and there’s only a selection of stuff…I dig the couple of tracks you’ve posted from BIG IN JAPAN (title track and IX), and this one today is also very cool.

  3. Nowhere, actually. I’ve recorded three CDs worth of stuff (“Initial Eyes”, “Big In Japan” and “Electreclectic”), but I haven’t released them in any real sense.

    A lot of the stuff is not really up to my standards any more, either….some of it works still, but a lot of it was obvious learning-curve experiments. I occasionally post stuff that I’m still proud of to Friday Music, so for right now, that’s the only source.

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