Friday Music

A lot of stuff this week. First up are a couple of special entries, and then on to the selections for this installment:

Wilson Pickett died yesterday, of a heart attack. He was only 64. I’ve chosen two selections from his work, and you’ll forgive me if they’re too obvious, but I really like ’em: “In The Midnight Hour” and “Mustang Sally.”

The next special entry we have is a request from , who wanted to be able to hear the song that I had chosen to represent her character, Gideon, from our Serenity RPG campaign, on the soundtrack CD that I had burned. Here it is: Filter – “Hey Man Nice Shot.”

Now, on to the main selections for the week:

I just heard this last week, and it blew me away. This is the lead single from songsfordustmites, the debut album from Steve Burns. Some of you might recognize that name….Steve used to be the host of Nickelodeon’s toddler-riffic show, Blue’s Clues (which my kids were totally addicted to). He left the show to pursue a music career, and if this song is any indication of his ability, I really hope that he’s able to ditch the image of the kid-show host, because he deserves to make it big. Check this out: Steve Burns – “Mighty Little Man.”

Here’s a song from the very early 90s…I was working at KANU, and for some reason, we were sent this CD of sample-based electronica. Since it didn’t fit any of our shows, it went on the freebie table, and I grabbed it. This CD became my entry point into the electronic music scene that was coming out of the UK at the time. This song completely hooked me with its brilliant re-working of samples…there’s a guitar loop from a Slayer song used as a rhythm track, and the entire song is based on a vocal hook from Kate Bush: Utah Saints – “Something Good.”

More new stuff (well, OK, new-ER stuff. It’s from 2005) that I’ve recently discovered, and have really enjoyed. A nice mix of modern electronic and “indie”, mixed with old-school dance and new wave: LCD Soundsystem – “Tribulations.”

Another 2005 track, this time from the French group M83. (Fear not, they’re singing in English) Yet another group that manages a nice updating of the 80s-alternative-new wave sound. I have to admit, I’m loving this revival. M83 – “Don’t Save Us From The Flames.”

Here’s a track to get you moving on a gloomy January day: Republica – “Ready to Go.”

More new stuff (I went new-music hunting this past week, and was rewarded by some really brilliant discoveries) — This song reminds a little bit of what it might have sounded like if Dale Bozzio (lead singer of Missing Persons) had done lead vocals for The Fixx. Tegan and Sara are identical twin sisters from Canada, both gay, whose music is sort of a cross between folk and new-wave. Really great sound. Tegan & Sara – “Walking With A Ghost.”

Last new discovery of the week: TV On The Radio. This track comes from 2003, but I’m just finding it now, so it’s new to me! They’re a group from Brooklyn that does melodic, eerie experimental music…I can’t really describe it. Give it a listen: TV On The Radio – “Staring at the Sun.”

There you go. Hope that I’ve expanded some horizons.

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  1. Nice Pick, Man…

    I love that Filter song, and it’s the only one that I really know of theirs. To me, it always reminds me of the Tales From The Crypt movie, Demon Knight, that had the song in the soundtrack. I love that movie and the dark foreboding of this song while William Sadler’s character (Brayker) is driving down the deserted highway at the beginning… Makes me want to watch the movie again. Plus, the Crypt Keeper is just entirely too funny.

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