Last night, a week’s worth of getting only 4 hours of sleep a night, combined with high energy and emotions, finally walked up and kicked me in the proverbial junk.

I came down with a fever, complete with dizziness and swimmy eyes that said “looked scary.”

I plowed into bed at 8:30….

…and woke up about a half an hour ago.

I feel GREAT.

Apparently, all I needed was 13 1/2 hours of sleep.

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  1. I can sympathize; glad you got some sleep. And I actually commented that, because I got a weekend away from kids, maybe I’d get some sleep. Silly notion, that!

  2. The ongoing cultural exchange

    Are you familiar with “The Venture Brothers”? I picked up the Season 1 DVD set the other day, if you’re interested. I’ve been a big fan of the show since it started, and I think you would dig it.

    Not like I’m fishing for birthday gifts, but since I’m on the topic, is there a list somehwhere or do I just ask ?

  3. And the weaving/wobbly thing, don’t forget that – because when Gareth wobbles and falls down, I can’t pick him up! :)

    Yay for sleep!

    Love you –

  4. Dude

    I totally feel you on this. The last several busy days and short nights had me literally passing out, which I never do.

    Last night I got 12 hours of sleep and now I actually feel human again. :)

  5. Re: The ongoing cultural exchange

    I went to, but couldn’t find your wishlist. Did you put it under the name you use to fight crime?

  6. Sleep Is Good

    I slept most of yesterday and am so glad that I had indeed taken that extra day off.

    Feeling soooo much better today. :)

  7. Re: The ongoing cultural exchange

    I seem to remember you saying at some point that you dug Jonny Quest…

    If that recollection is correct, you’ll dig on the Venture Brothers.


  8. Re: The ongoing cultural exchange

    You picked up the Venture Brothers? Did I hear about that and just not realize what you’d done?

    Yay!!! Sick twisted Jonny Quest parody! Whoo-hoo!


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