The Weekend

Friday: and I finally went to Best Buy and replaced our dead TV. We purchased this:

It’s pretty nifty. A 30-inch widescreen from LG Electronics. HDTV-ready, if we ever decide to upgrade, but in the meantime, it makes DVDs look great.

We also went ahead and got my birthday present: An XBox. Now that the 360 is out, you can get the “old-school” version cheaply, so we did. Grabbed a few games as well, from a used-game place downtown: HALO, Jade Empire, Crimson Skies, Ghost Recon, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, True Crime: Streets of L.A. and FIFA Soccer 2004. There are tons of older XBox games out there which I’m interested in getting, so I should be in gaming goodness for quite some time, without the need to upgrade to the $400 “new hotness” that is the 360.

Saturday: Ran errands, played the aforementioned XBox, and then headed out to the “De-Frag” party for the Safety staff of Heartland. Couldn’t drink at all, due to taking Cipro and Tramadol for the sinus infection. Discovered that my tolerance of some folks, minus the socially-lubricating presence of alcohol, is somewhat lower than I thought it was. Greatly enjoyed spending time with friends.

Sunday: Breakfast with ‘s parents, for Father’s Day, followed by having folks over for “Geek Salon:” Watching of movies, chatting about stuff, nibbling of nosh, and grilling out. The presence of friends, and the great time that resulted, was a nice distraction from the fact that I didn’t get a Father’s Day call from the two of my kids who live with the Ex. :(

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  1. I cannot imagine that there are words that could possibly ease that sort of pain.

    Glad we could at least provide some distraction.


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