New WHO companion confirmed

Freema Agyeman confirmed as new companion.

Yes, she’s the chick who got killed in the latest episode.

Apparently, she’s going to be playing a brand new character in Series Three.

I hate it when shows re-use actors like that. David Milch did this with Deadwood, having Garret Dillahunt play Jack McCall, the killer of Wild Bill Hickock, in season one, and then Francis Wolcott, serial-killing advance man for Hearst, in season two—which I found distracting and annoying.

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  1. Yeah, it’s odd and at best disconcerting…because while you watch, your brain keeps going “Oh, I just saw him as…blah, blah, blah”.

    At least in this instance, we won’t see her again until April.

    But I rather wonder if that’s sort simply something this writer does (considering how many of the actors we’ve seen go by in various guises in WHO were in the Casanova). Or perhaps, since there are only 12 working British actors in television, the British viewing public are more used to, in a sense, seeing the character and not the actor (sort of a collective suspension of disbelief of a sort)…over on this side of the pond, there are so many people working that you rarely see this sort of overlap.

    We’re spoiled, after a fashion.


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