11 Replies to “Ken Lay dead”

  1. Whether it was suicide or heart attack, I don’t think he had anything to reveal. It’s not like this administration is afraid of anything getting out, because once it does they just say, “Yeah, so what” and move on.

  2. Son of a bitch. Ok, little over a day to Aspen…figure about 2 hours reconnaissance, 2 hours planning, ninety minutes to secure gear…say, 30 minutes for operation…day and a half to get to Delaware…

    Saturday good for you?

  3. Suicide…bet you a tenner. Knew the coroner. There is a law against them collecting the forfeiture from his widow and it totally nullifies everything back like he was never indicted. The gov will have to sue the estate in civil court and cannot bring up the inditement nor the trial in the case if they do. He was not going to see the light of day again and he is not the first Enron suicide. Kept Lou Pye out of jail didn’t it?

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