Lebanese artist/musician/writer Mazen Kerbaj has been blogging from Beirut, posting cartoons and commentary.

It’s sobering reading.

Perhaps most sobering of all — he went up onto his roof and recorded this ambient musical piece….Kerbaj improvising sounds, accompanied by the bombs hitting the city.

He calls it: “Starry Night.”

…and I’ve noticed that our media has gotten their orders. Everyone now refers to “Israel vs. Hezbollah” — no mention at all of the fact that it is Lebanon that is being bombed. Lebanese civilians who are being killed. Lebanese cities which are under attack. No, the whole thing is now “Israel vs. Terrorists.”…..I guess the Lebanese are just in the way.

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  1. As I told my old boss years ago the day after we attacked Iraq – the precedent has been set: apparently you can now pre-emptively attack another country in the interest of defending yourself from terrorists, and whomever dies along the way, military or civilian, is just the breaks.

    We set that horrific standard.

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