Meanwhile, Back in Jesusland…..

Bush has just vetoed legislation that would have expanded federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. It was the first veto in the 5 and a half years of the Bush presidency, but Bush did it privately, with press photographers barred from the event.

The majority of Americans support stem cell research, including many Republicans. The Senate is four votes shy of a Veto Override (2/3 majority), so it will probably stand, though.

I would dearly love to see this turn and bite him on the ass, as non-Religious-Lunatic Republicans say “enough is enough,” and cast off the stranglehold that the American Taliban has on their party, but it will most likely be buried under an avalanche of Israel/Lebanon coverage.

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  1. >>but it will most likely be buried under an avalanche of Israel/Lebanon coverage.

    Does that mean they’ve finally moved “off the brink”?


  2. Ahhh yes, we had this the week after 9/11 when we had a British government minister dragged through the press for stating that it would be a; “Good day to bury bad news…”

    Now had she not done this in an email, she might have gotten away with it… But that was one loyal minister (beureaucrat rather than elected) down…

  3. *sigh*

    What a dick.

    You know what would be truly karmic.

    If Bush would contract a painful debilitating disease, the only possible treatement for which would be stem cell dependent.

    Now that would be…ironic.


  4. Actually Bush was playing it up (with a crowd of his true believers, children in tow) for the cameras about this veto this afternoon on CNN and a few other select tv outlets (Fox etc of course).

    Making a big deal about “restoring human dignity to science” etc crap in his speech, and playing up on the ‘legacy of his administration’.

  5. What a FUCKER!

    I have a very dear friend that recently went through stem cell cleansing, a technology that couldn’t have been developed without stem cell research, in an attempt to cure her leukemia. As it happened, the therapy didn’t take, and it makes my blood boil that that ignorant arrogant asshat is banning this kind of research, especially when the stem cells that were harvested in my friend’s case came from her sister, and not some unborn infant.

  6. It will indeed be the legacy of his administration…but I don’t really think history books will write about it in the manner he might hope for.


  7. Actually the most ridiculous thing I heard about this recently was Sam Brownback’s metaphor about Embryos. He compared the destruction of a bald eagle egg, and a human egg, and how you’d go to jail for destroying the bald eagle egg, but not the human egg.

    I smirked and said, “Bald eagles are endangered. Human beings aren’t although I can think of a few I wouldn’t might putting up for getting us a little closer to that mark.”

  8. Re: What a FUCKER!

    The ban does not include all stem cell sources; postnatal donations are fine, just not thought to be as effective as embryonic. Your friend’s sister’s stem cells are fair game for federal research money.

  9. More embryos get destroyed…

    …during fertility ‘treatments’ than in stem cell research. And while we have many children without homes throughout the United States, it’s ok to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get a baby that is the right color one that is actually genetically yours…

    Meanwhile, cancer and leukemia run rampant…

    This has pushed me away from the Republicans on the national level, at least…

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