PDF…$1.99. Making Yourself Look Like An Amateur….Priceless.

So the no-talent hack that has pissed me off on several occasions in the past has just released a new product, which was pointed out to me by another publisher:

Yes, folks….the dreaded DOBULE AGENT!


24 Replies to “PDF…$1.99. Making Yourself Look Like An Amateur….Priceless.”

  1. How long can we hope for it to remain uncorrected?

    And this really begs for a character who provides management and representation for lesbian folk singers, the Sobule Agent!

  2. Fool! The Dobule is a cross between a dollop and a globule, the shape and form of an alien protoplasmic species who can change chape to appear human!

    You simply don’t understand genius when you see it.

  3. “An information specialist and an expert in the delicate art of infiltration, the Double Agent is a veritable master of deceit who works in the employment of one (sometimes two) of the many spying networks of the world.”

    By definition, wouldn’t a Double Agent need to be in the employ of a minimum of two spying networks?


  4. yes.

    a. Bad spelling.
    b. Bad math.
    c. sure-fire flop.
    Can we make a pool as to how long until the cover is fixed?

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