The Next War

Yet again, another must-read bit of reporting, and yet again, Rolling Stone is the only place that will carry it.

Read this. Now.

Iran: The Next War.

Chilling quote from one of the Neocons in the article:

“The only way we are going to win this war is to bring down those regimes in Tehran and Damascus, and they are not going to fall as a result of fighting between their terrorist proxies in Gaza and Lebanon on the one hand, and Israel on the other. Only the United States can accomplish it […] There is no other way.”

For those who haven’t figured it out yet — if we can get US or allied troops in Lebanon, the map of the region will look like this:

US/Allied Troops —- Syria—–US/Allied Troops (in Iraq) —- Iran —– US/Allied Troops (in Afghanistan)

….and we’re sabre-rattling about Syria and Iran. Coincidence?

Sure…just as much a coincidence as the fact that the above route just happens to be a perfect line-up for a pipeline from Afghanistan to ships in the Med.

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  1. I’m just glad we’re willing to invest so much money into a commodity that is vanishing. What the hell will we do with all of these pipelines and refineries once there’s no more oil to work with? Maybe the pipelines are going to be turned into bitchin’ water rides — Afganistan to the Med on a tube!

    I call dibs on an off-shore platform to use as my company headquarters! (Hey, we’re huge and we need to show it!)

  2. I call dibs on an off-shore platform to use as my company headquarters! (Hey, we’re huge and we need to show it!)

    True….after all, the Hollowed-out Volcano Lair is just so passé….

    I’m thinking Orbital Mind-Control Platform, myself…..Adamant needs a headquarters that truly reflects its awesomeness.

  3. They don’t think about the future, just how much money they can make for their supporters now. They’ll all die of old age before the oil runs out (if the 30 year estimate is correct), so they don’t give a rat’s ass. Selfish of them, no?

    But when have they been logical and had the best interests of others at heart?

  4. The off-shore platform does give easier access to the sharks so that they may have laser-beams affixed to their fricken’ heads.

  5. A Hash Pipeline?

    What’s the point of a pipeline from Afghanistan? They don’t have oil, and heroin is easier to ship in bricks.

    I think sabre-rattling is about all we’re up to against Syria and Iran. The neocons are deluded if they think we’re invading.

  6. thanks for the link.

    I find the use of words like “mortal enemy” and “the cabal” throw me into this weird space of surrealism where I forget that I’m reading about the actual world.

  7. I have only recently come to understand the sheer scope of money involved in the oil business.

    Believe me, the numbers make even the prospect of upending entire portions of the world seem like nothing to these people.

    Even though one day there may well not be any of the commodity left to justify the investment…the amount of cash that will flow before the world gets to that point is indeed what is driving them.


  8. Foment!

    No-one can see multi-step landgrabs like Gamers, esp. Wargamers.

    Will it be treason to write the last ten years and the next ten years in the middle-east as a boardgame/exercise?

    Or just profitable?

    ******Gameplay example**********
    Hmmm, the society in the way of my pipeline is negotiating their way towards peace, I wonder if I can draw and play the “Foment Society-wide Anarchy” card…

    Sure I can, “Just Add Anarchy” as a tactic is historically successful, so there are PLENTY of those cards in the deck.

  9. It’s huge money – record profits for any company, ever – and they control the neocons who seem incapable of thinking more than four years ahead (and then only if they’re one of the smart ones).

    Good lord, is this a scary time. I hope we run out of oil soon, just to end this horror. On the other hand, those oil companies better start building other forms of power generation or we’re all screwed.

  10. Why the hell would the oil companies care? After all, those old guys will be dead by the time it’s a problem (which means that it’s not their problem).

    Better to make billions of dollars today than to save billions of lives tomorrow.

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