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Kind of an odd mix this week, but hey, I’ve been in an odd mood.

First off, a novelty song which is currently topping the charts in France. A record producer did this as a joke for his friends, but it ended up being released and now is pumping out of speakers at every French beach this summer. It’s an African-dance-style tune about the headbutt (“coup de boule“) by French footballer Zidane that ended up directly contributing to their World Cup loss to Italy. Sample lyric: “Zidane, il l’a frappé, la Coupe, on l’a ratée…” (Zidane hit him, the Cup – missed it) La Plage – “Coup De Boule”

A double-shot of Muse for you, since I’ve been listening to them so much recently. First, a track from their previous album, Absolution (and was most recently used in the final episode of Doctor Who Confidential–as those of you watching it with me when I heard it can attest…OK, I squeed a bit. Shaddap.) Muse – “Hysteria.”

Second from Muse, as requested, a copy of the song whose video I posted recently: Muse – “Knights of Cydonia.” This, of course, is the current single from their new album, Black Holes and Revelations, which you need to go get right now.

Everybody knows Wang Chung, either from the ubiquitous 80s single “Dance Hall Days”, or the later attempt at godawful pop, “Everybody Have Fun Tonight (Everybody Wang Chung Tonight)”. I was a huge fan of Wang Chung…the early stuff was very cool, kinda dark synth-wave. The album featuring “Dance Hall Days”, Points on a Curve is great, and they followed it with the soundtrack to To Live and Die In L.A., which was absolutely brilliant (I’m especially a fan of the second side, which featured pure instrumental tracks). Then they went Pop. They put out the album Mosaic, which included that “Everybody” song, which was fairly popular. Bleah. End of story, for most folks. They did attempt a return to their earlier sound, with 1989’s The Warmer Side of Cool, which included a single which got some airplay. I loved it, but since it wasn’t “Everybody Wang Chung Part 2”, it failed to hit with the general population. Here is that single: Wang Chung – “Praying To A New God.”

While we’re on the subject of the 80s — Local Lawrence band The Harvey Girls have released an EP of 80s covers, Our History is Your Kitsch. It’s really good stuff, and if you go to their website, you can download the whole thing for free. Here’s a track from the EP, which is a good example of how good this stuff is: The Harvey Girls – “White Wedding.”

Another new band that I’ve discovered in the past week, who I admit I first listened to purely on the basis of their name: The Victorian English Gentlemens Club – “Stupid As Wood.” They’ve got a website as well, where you can hear other songs. Check ’em out.

More Midlake, for the folks who have told me that they really love it. The album, The Trials of Van Occupanther, is now out. Go get it. Midlake – “It Covers The Hillside.”

Earlier this week, I discovered that the song “Kiss Kiss” by Stella Soleil, which I like and posted a bit ago… actually a cover. Sort of. It has entirely new lyrics, but uses the music from a 1999 Turkish pop song, which I heard for the first time on some World-music show on KJHK on Monday night. Now that I’ve heard the original, I actually prefer it: Tarkan – “Simarik.”

Sticking with the sort-of Middle-eastern vibe for our last selection, this is a track from DJ Cut Chemist’s new album, The Audiences Listening, which uses Middle-eastern instrument samples and more. Very cool: Cut Chemist – “The Garden.”


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