So, it turns out that my thigh-high bootswere not able to be re-soled….or rather, the damage to the soles and the leather was so extensive (I’d had them for about 6 years) that the quote we were getting was pretty much exactly what it costs to get a new pair….so I did. Winging their way to me by FedEx Overnight, are a pair of these:

Dumbass moment:

Just to make sure, we had measure my feet (width, length, etc)…..and, given the instructions on the site, ordered a size-step up from the measurement results (for the difference between these boots and street shoes).

Turns out, I should be wearing a size 15 boot.

I’ve been wearing a 13.

Gosh….might have something to do with my foot pain when on my feet for extended periods, now wouldn’t it? Hell, even taking out the step-up for the boots, measurement indicates I should be wearing a 14 in street shoes, and not the 13 that I’m currently wearing.


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  1. Dude, I had that moment just a few months ago when I bought my new shoes. I’ve been wearing size 13 since before I was 13 and I figured that was my shoe size. I tried a size 14 in the style I liked and, bam, there was a world of difference in the comfort zone. I can’t believe I’ve been wearing the wrong size shoes for so damn long.

  2. I read somewhere that almost everyone wears the wrong size shoes. I swear. The more years I work jobs that keep me on my feet, the bigger my feet get!

  3. Luckily it’s far easier to find those sizes these days than it used to be. Famous Footwear is pretty good about carrying larger sizes. Foot Locker can be, but it depends more on the particular store you’re talking about. There’s also Big & Tall stores and online, of course,

  4. If you haven’t thrown the old pair out, you might want to consider just buying some Tanner’s Bond glue and some heavy-duty leather, and gluing a new thick sole on the outside of the remnants of the old sole. It’s always handy to have a *spare* pair of pirate boots.

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