Funereal Strippers….

Apparently, China has ordered a halt on the rural tradition of strippers at funerals.

I’ll give you a moment, to read over that again. Go ahead. I’ll wait here.

Strippers were commonly used to draw mourners to the funerals — and, the more people who came to a funeral, the more the dead person was honored.

Man, that’s how I’m going out! You’re all my witnesses!

Can’t see it working in rural areas here, though….

“Man, Cletus was a first-class Asshole……but did you see the tits on that one?!?”

9 Replies to “Funereal Strippers….”

  1. Well, a funeral is where you’d expect to find stiffs.

    People are just dying to get in.

    You can tell who’s the most drunk by who puts dollar bills on the corpse’s eyes and gold coins in the stripper’s waistband.

    Boy, that’s a great body.

    I could go on, but I think I’d better not. ;-)

  2. I am almost disappointed…

    As I work for a Chinese company, and sit next to 3 Chinese citizens, when I mentioned this, their reaction was that this is not a very common thing at all…

    Mind you, thats from South china/Canton province, and China is a very big place. Will ask my Girlfriend later, she is from Central China…

    Thanks for sharing mate, it put a big ole’ smile on my face…

  3. Because Grandfather Hu would’ve wanted to go that way

    This tradition has probably also been observed at some Irish wakes, but more by accident than design.

    Following the logic of more people equals more honor, I think I’d like a door prize at my funeral, though I am not opposed to the prospect of strippers.

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