Confidential — MARS Update

Well, hell — apparently this is the real thing.

I finally got a letter today from ERB, Inc’s NYC lawyers.

Fairly weak, though — a general admonition to not distribute the public domain material in the European Union (where it is still under copyright), and a demand that we not imply or state that an authorization or trade connection exists between us and ERB, Inc. Oh, and some fuzzy logic about the fact that since our Preview was free, that means that file sharing wasn’t illegal.

I’m sending an actual physical letter response, where I re-iterate that we’re NOT distributing ANY ERB material, public domain or otherwise, and that we are willing to add a disclaimer to the effect that there is no connection or authorization between us and ERB, Inc. We’ll see what they say.

Annoying Bullshit.

3 Replies to “Confidential — MARS Update”

  1. Yeah, the letter I received directly referenced the email that I sent on the 17th — so apparently it had the desired result….

  2. That at least is a good thing.

    One would imagine they thought they could just scare you into going away…just stand your ground, if that’s all they could throw at you.


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